Rules for customers

The store guarantees:

  • 1.1 Sale of accounts exclusively to one person;
  • 1.2 Replacement of non-working accounts if they become non-functional due to the fault of the store or its suppliers. (account deleted; there is an error in the account credentials; there is an error in the product description);
  • 1.3 Refund if the store cannot provide a replacement;
  • 1.4 Response to customer inquiries in support no later than 24 hours from the moment of inquiry;
  • 1.5 Disclaimer of any warranties if rule 3 and its subsections are violated;
  • 1.6 Disclaimer of any warranties if the buyer takes actions after logging into the account;
  • 1.7 Disclaimer of any warranties if the buyer contacts support later than 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Requirements for purchasing accounts:

  • 2.1 The buyer must familiarize themselves with the service rules. Ignorance or unwillingness to do so is not a reason for replacement/refund;
  • 2.2 The buyer, when paying for the product, confirms that they are familiar with the service rules;
  • 2.3 The buyer must read the product description;
  • 2.4 The buyer must purchase as many accounts as they can use at the moment;
  • 2.5 The buyer must only purchase the types of products that meet their needs. Accounts purchased by mistake are not reimbursed or exchanged for others;
  • 2.6 The buyer must change the passwords for the accounts after purchase. After purchase, the buyer is responsible for the account credentials.

Requirements for the use of accounts:

  • 3.1 It is mandatory to use verified private proxies;
  • 3.2 It is forbidden to use dynamic IP addresses for working with accounts (dynamic IP is not a proxy because it may have been used by other clients of your provider before you);
  • 3.3 It is forbidden to use any VPN services for working with accounts;
  • 3.4 It is forbidden to use public proxies, shared proxies (also known as shared), ipv6 proxies for working/checking accounts;
  • 3.5 It is forbidden to use private proxies as shared (if you log in to 2 or more accounts from one private proxy, it automatically ceases to be private. See point 3.4);
  • 3.6 It is forbidden to work with more than one account without changing the device fingerprint (User-agent, viewport size, plugin set, browser cache, cookies) or the device itself;
  • 3.7 It is forbidden to work with accounts using virtual machines, simulators, emulators, VPS, and VDS servers;
  • 3.8 It is forbidden to use the IP address of your physical machine (also known as local or home address) for working with accounts.

Other rules:

  • 4.1 Spamming support with identical questions in the hope of resolving them faster is prohibited. (See point 1.4);
  • 4.2 It is forbidden to be impatient, rush support staff, or use offensive language. (The first time you will be warned. The second time - refusal of support and removal of all warranties);
  • 4.3 By making a purchase, the client agrees to receive informational newsletters on behalf of the store.

The store does not guarantee/engage in:

  • 5.1 Protection of purchased accounts from theft, hacking, password guessing, etc. (After the product is issued, the client is responsible for the security of the account credentials);
  • 5.2 Storage of paid products (Issuance occurs immediately after payment. Store your purchased products in a secure place);
  • 5.3 Communication with individuals who are not customers of the store. Answers to any questions about the assortment are available in the store's information section and in the product descriptions;
  • 5.4 Training in working with accounts, proxies, software.