Rules for suppliers

Store assumes the following functions:

  • 1.1 Attracting targeted traffic to the store's website;
  • 1.2 Maintaining the operational state of the store's infrastructure;
  • 1.3 Counting the sales of supplier's products;
  • 1.4 Providing support to customers on behalf of the supplier, resolving disputed situations, if possible, without involving suppliers;
  • 1.5 Timely processing payments to suppliers (payment processing time by payment systems is considered separately);
  • 1.6 Keeping product names and descriptions up to date;
  • 1.7 Processing incoming flow of positions and deliveries in the order of the queue and within the working schedule of content managers;
  • 1.8 Ensuring compliance with buyer rules.

Requirements for suppliers:

  • 2.1 Creating multiple supplier accounts is prohibited;
  • 2.2 Creating deliveries without checking the content for accessibility and compliance with the description is prohibited;
  • 2.3 Creating deliveries that contain duplicates is prohibited;
  • 2.4 Creating deliveries that contain products previously sold on our platform is prohibited;
  • 2.5 Creating deliveries that contain products currently being sold on our platform or a similar one is prohibited;
  • 2.6 Using inappropriate language, advertising narcotics, erotica, or pornography, materials promoting political or interethnic discord is prohibited in account information;
  • 2.7 Transferring personal contacts to buyers is prohibited.

List of products prohibited for sale or promotion in the store:

  • Narcotic substances, psychotropic substances, their advertising, or information promoting their sale;
  • Pornographic materials, erotica;
  • Programs, devices, scripts for any kind of hacking;
  • Products related to the theft of funds, accounts of payment systems;
  • Hacked internet wallets and accounts for them;
  • Sale of passport scans, documents, any personal data.

Rules and the list of prohibited products for sale may be changed by the administration without warning suppliers. Gross or systematic rule violations will lead to the blocking of the supplier's account/accounts without prior warning, the possibility of recovery, and payment.